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Driver's License

Driver's License


Renewing Your Non-Commercial Driver’s License:

All PA driver’s license are valid for four years expiring on the day after the driver’s birth date.

Any Pennsylvania non-commercial driver may come to Northeast Title and Tag with photo ID to renew their PA driver’ license or Identification card INSTANTLY.

PA residents age 65 or older have the option of renewing their driver’s license every two years, instead of four years.

Replacing Your Pennsylvania Driver’s License:

A Pennsylvania duplicate Non-Commercial Driver's License or identification card is issued when the current product is lost, stolen, mutilated, never received, surrendered out of-state, or needs change in organ donor status. Any non-commercial driver may come to a Northeast Title and Tag to apply for a duplicate driver’s license or identification card.

Must bring one of the following on persons at the time of application: A Social Security card, Birth Certificate or an expired state issued ID card.

Changing Your Address:

PA residents may change their address on their non-commercial driver's license or PA photo ID card at any time, except if they are moving out of state. Changes may be made INSTANTLY at any Northeast Title and Tag.  

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